Don’t Stop Me Now…


Hi there :D Well this ootd was going to be published the last wednesday but I didn’t have time to do it because I had to leave for Ayacucho to celebrate Holly Week. I am gonna do a post about this trip on the next post but let me tell you that IT WAS THE BEST HOLLY WEEK I EXPERIENCED UNTIL NOW. Well this ootd, it is pretty basic. I love the blouse that has a boho tone and the flats with the floral print. I hope you like it and I will be telling you everything about Ayacucho soon.Lots of jungle love <3.


On Top Of The World …


What’s up everyone? :D Well, let me start by saying that I AM FINALLY DONE WITH COLLEGE YAYYYY! Yesterday was my graduation ceremony and it was nice and short. It was at night so all day I had to run to get my dress, my shoes, do my hair and makeup and girly stuff and so, in order to do all these things I wore this floral dress with low heels. I like this dress a lot because of the print mostly. I didn’t take pictures from my graduation dress because I didn’t have time to do it so yeah ); Anyway, I hope you are having an amazing weekend ’cause I am gonna party hard today hahaha xD Well, wish me luck. Lots of jungle love <3


Sinister Kid …


Hellooooooooooooo there! I know I was away for a while but now I am back! YAY :D Well, winter is coming (did you guys see  Game Of Thrones yesterday?)  and I am not happy about it because Lima is going to be such a sad place -_- Oh well, meanwhile I am enjoying the last sunny days of this summer. By the way, lately I am really into The Black Keys, especially in their album called “Brothers”. Anyway, yesterday was a nice day like every sunny sunday of summer. Here I am wearing a daisy top and my favorite high waisted shorts, like you see I am pretty basic on my everyday look. Hope you like it! (; Lots of jungle love <3


Santeria …


Hello, hello there :D … Welcome back, I know I am really bad at posting everyday so… Sorry for that ): Well, today I am wearing my red new pants from forever 21 that I just got this week and a little black top. It was an okay day and I decided to play with black and red. For a moment, I thought the pants wouldn’t fit me because I was afraid of the elastic band waist but at the end it turned out to fit me perfectly (; (at least is what I think lol). Well, I hope you like it :D Lots of jungle love <3 See you soon (: